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About the War Memorial Hall

A short history

roll of honour outside the entrance to the hallThe hall was originally conceived as a facility for men returning from the First World War and there is a minute of a meeting dated 19th November 1919 which reads "That this great meeting of the inhabitants and ex-servicemen of Samlesbury warmly supports the work of the Village Clubs association, and urges on the people of this district the necessity for establishing without delay a club and the building of a War Memorial Hall where there will be no class distinction, but where all can meet for common recreation, improvement and social intercourse and to be managed by the people themselves. It is further agreed that the canvas which has already been so well begun should be proceeded with, with renewed vigour". During the early 1920ís the nature of the Hall was the subject of much discussion and the committee charged with building the hall were greatly encouraged by the gift by Oswald Henry Philip Turville–Petrie of a piece of land in Cuerdale Lane. They set about continuing the canvas and raising the necessary funds from members of the local community to complete the project.

After several years the necessary funds were in place, a design was agreed and the construction was begun and completed in 1928. The building was classical in style constructed in facing brick with stone dressings and consisted of a large committee room capable of being divided with a folding timber screen. On the rest of the site a bowling green and tennis courts were developed.

The hall remained in this form, (with the addition of a wooden hut linked to the main building) during the thirties, forties and early fifties. In 1958 the wooden hut was burned to the ground and it was decided to build an war memorial hallextension to provide a kitchen, toilets and a much larger room suitable for a range of public meetings of a business, social and recreational nature. When the extension (a more utilitarian building in common brick and block work with cement-rendering) was completed the hall remained unaltered and in regular use for the next twenty years, after which time it was in need of upgrading. In the last ten years the hall has been significantly improved with the installation of a suspended ceiling and double glazing and the renovation of the sprung floor in the large meeting room. The grounds are being gradually improved. There are now security barriers at the side of the hall. A car parking area has been developed and there are new exit and entrance arrangements and new signage.

Governance of the War Memorial Hall

The hall is run as a charity established by a scheme made by the Ministry of Education under section 18 of the Charities Act 1960. The charity currently has the Samlesbury and Cuerdale Parish Council as its "holding trustees" and is managed by a board of managing trustees who are appointed annually in accordance with the constitution.


At present the hall serves as a meeting place for the Parish Council, the local branch of the Young Farmers and the ladies social section of the NFU. It is the venue for voting at elections and a number of social activities - Parish Garden Party, Quiz Nights, Concerts, Farmers Markets etc. The managing trustees are keen to see this range of activities expanded to include such things as languages courses, keep fit classes, small conferences and other skill-development programmes and are busy indentifying ways in which this might be achieved. All of these activities are presumed to be revenue-earning to some degree.

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